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Error 301: in the Account Status

What does 301: error in the status column mean?

There are may be various reasons why you get the error 301 in the Status column in the SpamCombat:

1) user name and/or password is wrong. Please, check the POP3 server name, your user name and password for accuracy. You should enter the server name, user name and password just as they are in your regular email client (Account name in Outlook equals User name in SpamCombat);

2) no connection to the Internet. Please, make sure you are connected to the Internet before starting the SpamCombat as the SpamCombat does not automatically establish the Internet connection.

3) either firewall or antivirus software does not allow the SpamCombat to connect to a POP3 server. If you have a firewall or antivirus software on your computer, you should add the SpamCombat to a list of allowed programs in the firewall.

4) Timeout is not enough. Check the Timeout in the SpamCombat General settings. By defalut the Timeout is 60 seconds.

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