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Error: 10060: Connection timed out

I receive "10060: Connection timed out" error on every email address I try to verify. What do I do to get my list verified?

At first try to increase the Timeout and re-check the emails. If the error still occurs, the problem is in the port 25. Go to the Advanced Email Verifier Settings, click on the Connection tab and click the Test button to test the direct internet connection. If the test fails, your ISP blocks the port 25.

If your ISP blocks the port 25, you can do this:

1) if you are working for a company, ask your network administrator to open the port 25 for you;

2) use the web script, external socks proxy server or BPSocks email validation API to verify the email addresses. See this article on our blog for more information.

3) change the ISP to an other one that doesn't block the port 25.

If you are sure that your ISP leaves the port 25 open but you still get the errors, the problem must be in some software on your computer that doesn't allow AEV function properly. It can be either firewall or anti-virus scanner. If you have firewall, add Advanced Email Verifier to the list of allowed programs in the firewall settings. If you have anti-virus software, switch it off before verifying the email addresses.

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