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Why am I not getting any blogs at all?

No matter which keyword I enter, Fast Blog Finder is cycling through something but coming up with zero blogs. I am choosing obvious words like "finance" and "mobile" to get at least something. I'm connected to the Internet because the program displays query suggestions when I'm typing the keyword. Maybe I have any settings wrong?

If Fast Blog Finder does not return any blogs for any keyword, do this:

1. Open Fast Blog Finder and click on the "View Blacklist" button on the toolbar. Make sure that you did not add the mask like *.* that excludes all blogs from the search results.

2. If you use a proxy server in the Settings, make sure that the proxy server is working.

3. Make sure you do not use any other search tool at the same time when Fast Blog Finder is working. Google can block you for too many requests.

4. Make sure you did not set the filter to display only specific blogs on the screen. If there are no blogs satisfying the filter criteria in the results, no blogs will be shown.

Look at the area below the blogs panel. If you see the filter criteria there, click on the x button next to the filter criteria to remove the filter. Now you will see the search results.

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