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  • Julia Gulevich

How can I buy the full version of Fast Directory Submitter?

Is it possible to buy the full working version of  Fast directory submitter? How much is it?

Note, that you don't buy Fast Directory Submitter itself. You buy upgrade credits for the submission campaigns. One credit costs $20 and allows you upgrade one campaign (website) to the Gold type. The Gold type means that you will be able to submit the website to the full directory database. You can purchase more credits at any time when you need to upgrade more campaigns. Once you purchase credits, they will never expire. You can use the credits whenever you want.

To purchase upgrade credits, download Fast Directory Submitter from our website, install it and create a user account in the program. Then login to your account in Fast Directory Submitter and click on the "Buy Campaign Upgrades" button.

After your order is complete, the credits will be added to your account. You will be able to add a campaign (website) for submission and upgrade it to the Gold type using the credit.

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