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  • Dmitry from G-Lock

Does Fast Directory Submitter submit the site automatically?

I purchased your software expecting it to be an automatic submission but it is not. I have signed up with Decaptcher and it works but I still have to hit the Submit button. If I have to hit the submit button this is not automatic submission but manual submission. Any comments?

Nnote that we do not advertise Fast Directory Submitter as an automatic submission tool. Fast Directory Submitter is a semi-automatic submission program. Fast Directory Submitter submits the site under your control. You should check if the program selected the right category for your website. If the category is wrong, you can choose a relevant category.

Plus, you need to type the captcha yourself unless you use Decaptcher service. So, only after you ensure that everything is OK, you click on the Submit button and go to the next directory.

We do not trust automatic submission tools. When the site is submitted automatically, it usually gets a poor approval rate with directories in most cases because of the wrong category the site is submitted too. Also, there are the directories where the program cannot read the categories and the submission is possible only in the manual mode to such directories.

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