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SpamCombat and Outlook Express

I've just installed SpamCombat onto my computer and I am using Outlook Express as my email program. Is there a way I can use SpamCombat to filter out spam before Outlook Express gets the emails?

You need to run the SpamCombat BEFORE you run the Outlook Express. Also, you should disable (if it is enabled) in the Outlook Express the option to automatically receive email every xx min. So, you will be able to remove all spam from your mail server using the SpamCombat and then run the Outlook Express to pull down only good emails.

At first SpamCombat requires training in categorizing emails as either spam or good. You should view all the emails and check up whether they were properly categorized. If they were not, you should re-categorize them by using Mark as Clean and Mark as Spam buttons. The program learns from its mistakes and next time the emails will be flagged properly. The more you train SpamCombat, the more accuracy of the program increases. After you ensure that all the emails are marked properly, you should manually click Delete Marked Messages From Server option. After spam emails are removed from the server, you can safely run your regular email client to receive only good emails.

After a few weeks of training you can set the auto-mode in SpamCombat, meaning that it will automatically check your POP3 accounts, filter emails, and delete spam messages.

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